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PrEP IMPACT Trial Places

We currently have PrEP IMPACT Trial places at bSHaW.

Please call 0300 303 2880 to book an appointment.

Recruitment closes on Friday 10th July 2020

Postal test kit

If you would like a checkup and have no symptoms please click the appropriate button below to order a postal testing kit.

Emergency Contraception
If you have had sex without a condom or if your usual contraception has let you down.
Service Finder
Sexual assault support
If you have been sexually assaulted, either recently or in the past, there is confidential support available to you.
Service Finder
PEP (Emergency HIV Prevention)
If you think you have been exposed to HIV through sexual contact in the last 72 hours.
Service Finder
Free Condoms
free postal condoms for under 25yrs. are available from Just ask bShaW
Just ask bShaW
If you need a sexual health clinic click here.
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Just ask bSHaW
Free confidential advice service for Under 25s from Sexual Health Professionals
Just ask bShaW
Order online Chlamydia screening kit
Order online Chlamydia screening kit
Unplanned Pregnancy
If you are pregnant and need advice on options
Unplanned pregnancy
Order your repeat pill prescriptions
Click here to access the order form to request a repeat prescription for the combined pill and progestogen-only pill (POP/mini pill)
Repeat Oral Contraception Prescriptions

Get advice on healthy relationships

Learn about consent, being ready for sex, how alcohol & drugs affects sex and understanding your body.

Sexual health clinics

For a booked appointment in Aylesbury, Buckingham, Burnham, Chesham and Wycombe phone: 0300 303 2880.

Brookside - Aylesbury

Station Way, Aylesbury, HP20 1RU

SHAW - High Wycombe

Queen Alexandra Rd, High Wycombe, HP11 2TT
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