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Unplanned pregnancy

If you’re pregnant but not sure you want to continue with the pregnancy, find out about your options and where to go for help here.

If you do not want to continue the pregnancy or if it is not possible for you to have the baby, BPAS is the Abortion provider in Buckinghamshire

To book an appointment to discuss an abortion ring the BPAS Action Line 03457 30 40 30 . You do not need to be referred. The bSHaW service is unable to provide abortion services.

All of your treatment will be completely free and confidential, even if you are under 16.

If you are unable to continue with the pregnancy, there are local people to talk to for advice and information.

Click here for more information about Abortion Services in Bucks

If you’re pregnant and considering abortion it’s important to know that you’re not alone. 1 in 3 women in the UK will have an abortion by the time they are 45 years old.

Abortion is legal up to 24 weeks of pregnancy but the earlier you contact services, the more choices you have available to you. It is also possible to refer yourself to a private clinic and pay to have an abortion.

In most cases abortion will be carried out as a day procedure. However, often you may need to attend more than one appointment at the clinic. You may need to attend an initial appointment where you will be given the chance to talk through the procedure and your choices. The procedure may then be carried out on a different day.

There are two types of abortion, medical and surgical. Which type you have may be dependant on how advanced your pregnancy is, amongst other things.

Where can I get further information?

Click here to access bpas considering abortion information

The Abortion Act 50 years on: radio documentary by Women’s Hour.
The Abortion Act in England was passed in 1967. This 1 hour radio documentary marks 50 years since the act was passed and talks about why people campaigned to make abortion safe, free and accessible. Click on the link above to listen.

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Need to speak to someone?

If you need further advice, or if this page hasn’t answered your questions then get in contact with your local bSHaW Sexual Health Clinic for a friendly chat.

Call 0300 303 2880 to book an appointment or return to the homepage for information on all our services.