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What to expect

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Sexual Health Services are open but look a bit different

The guide below outlines what to expect and the process you will go through from initially booking an appointment to attending an appointment at a bSHaW sexual health clinic at the current time.

Booking the appointment

Once you have spoken to our reception staff you will be booked to receive a call back from a doctor or nurse within one working day. We are unable to guarantee a time so ask that you keep your phone with you. The number we call from will be from a “withheld” or “number unknown” so please ensure your phone is able to receive this type of call.

The Doctor or Nurse will identify themselves and confirm your identity and that you are free to speak, before asking some questions to assess your needs.

If it is decided that you need to come to clinic for tests or treatment you will be asked if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 or recent contact with someone with COVID.

We will book you into a convenient appointment. Please attend at the time agreed as we are only allowing a few people in clinic at the same time to protect both you and our staff.

Attending the appointment

When you arrive at the clinic you will need to press the doorbell and wait until a member of staff answers. When waiting please observe the 2 metre distancing from anyone else waiting.

The staff will be dressed in personal protective equipment (PPE) of gloves, apron and mask. Your temperature will be checked before entering clinic.

All your care will be completed by a Doctor or Nurse wearing PPE. Ensure you are wearing a mask or face covering.

If, at any point, during the assessment we think you have COVID-19 we will advise you not to enter clinic and instead visit the 111 website for further information. We will schedule you for a call in 8 days to check if your COVID-19 symptoms have resolved before rebooking an appointment.​