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Chlamydia Screening for GPs and Nurses Expand

Offer Chlamydia Screening

In accordance with national guidance for the National Chlamydia Screening Programme, allwomen aged 15 to 24 who attend for contraceptive appointments including emergency contraception, oral contraception initiations and reviews, long acting reversible contraception consultations and attending travel clinics, should directed to to obtain a digital STI screen annually or at change of sexual partner. Women can opt to be screened for just Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea, or a full screen which includes testing for Syphilis and HIV.

Vulnerable clients or those who do not have access to the internet can be supported to access an STI screen either in the surgery or by signposting to one of the sexual health clinics.

GPs and Nurses in Primary Care: Expand

Primary Care Guidance for GP’s and Nurses Reviewed July 2022 – This guide is aimed at GPs and Nurses working in primary care. It gives a short overview of questions to ask patients during a sexual health consultation, when and where to refer, links to clinical guidance and safeguarding contact numbers.


Emergency IUD Referrals Expand

Patients can self-refer for an assessment for emergency IUD by attending a walk-in clinic or phoning 0300 303 2880. GPs can refer by completing the referral form below and emailing to:

Please offer oral emergency contraception (EC) to all patients as not all patients referred for an emergency IUD will have one inserted.

Emergency IUD referral form – download the form and send via nhs email account to

Heavy menstrual bleeding or menopause HRT coil fittings or removals : Expand

should all be referred to FedBucks’ Intermediate Gynaecology Service via the NHS e-referral service

Difficult removal of a sub dermal implant (SDI). Expand

Please use this referral form  for any difficult SDI removals and send via an email account to the Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust specialist level three sexual health service (bSHaW), email address on the form.

Sexual health, contraception and HIV referrals Expand

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