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One-to-One Early Intervention Service

Our 1:1 Education and Early Intervention programme is intended to support young people who may be at risk from harm or sexual ill health in the Buckinghamshire.

We are specialists in sexual health and wellbeing; we are not specialists in other areas of wellbeing and therefore cannot offer support or guidance on other topics.

We work with young people and adults from 13- upwards who live in, or attend education establishments within Buckinghamshire.

Please check the criteria before submitting a referral as we cannot accept referrals that do not meet the criteria.

The 1:1 programme is an education intervention and is not counselling. If the client/young person requires mental health support we would recommend an alternative referral to a counselling service

If you would like to speak with a member of our team, before making a referral, please Call: 01494520436, or 07917550248