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One-to-One Early Intervention Service

Brook One-to-One My Life Programme – Under 18’s

The My Life One-to-One programme is available for young people who need additional support in Buckinghamshire. The work requested must be for education purposes only as this is not a counselling service. read more and referral request

Brook One to One Adult Support Programme – Over 18’s

Brook is a health and wellbeing charity that works with young people and adults. The 1-1 programme provides non-judgmental, confidential, person centered, needs led, rights-based, trauma informed support to vulnerable adults in Buckinghamshire to enhance and strengthen their knowledge, skills, motivation, and sense of self-worth to improve their own sexual health and wellbeing. Attendance for participants is voluntary.

Please note we do not provide a counselling service.

We do not work with anyone under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Please use this form to refer adults that would benefit from an additional support package from Brook’s Buckinghamshire 1-1 adult support programme.

If you are unsure about a referral or wish to discuss this in more detail, please contact.

Referral Criteria Expand

People 18+ that live, work or are educated in Buckinghamshire that are deemed as vulnerable.

Boundaries and limitations Expand

As a supported self-help model, it is important that referrers and individuals attending understand that Brook’s 1-1 intervention does not provide:

  • counselling or therapeutic support.
  • specific casework.
  • a core RSE education programme for vulnerable adults with learning disabilities.
  • emergency or crisis support.

As a supported self-help model, we may not accept referrals as listed below and referrals are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

  • multiple, complex, unassessed, and unaddressed social health or care needs.
  • active police investigation.
  • active safeguarding cases.
  • mental health issues that require assessment.
  • Drug and alcohol issues that require assessment.
  • Multiple agencies involved.
Confidentiality and Consent Expand

Due to the confidential nature of the programme, information will not be provided to the referrer about the content of the sessions. If the Brook specialist has any concerns during the programme, they will follow all relevant safeguarding procedures.

Referrers receive an email receipt within 10 working days.

It is important that the person being referred consents to the referral. Please note the person has the right to see any information that is written about them. We will fully brief the person as to the content and format of the programme during the first session where they can decide whether to participate or not.

The person can decide to withdraw from the programme at any time.

Programme Structure and Content Expand

We provide 4 – 6 one-hour sessions Including pre and post assessment.

Topics covered.

  • Relationships
  • Sexual health
  • Coping better
  • Confidence
  • Self esteem

We do not conduct home visits. We can meet at a mutually agreed day & time and the sessions will be held at either High Wycombe Library, or Aylesbury Library.

If you have any questions about this form, please contact: