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bSHaW Support for people living with HIV

Is there support for people living with HIV?

HIV Peer Support Service

Peer support is available to people living with HIV within Buckinghamshire. If you are living with HIV and would like to talk to someone else living with HIV, a peer caseworker from Positively UK is able to meet you at the clinic.

During your confidential one-to-one appointment, you can discuss anything related to HIV – from accepting your diagnosis and HIV treatment to how to share your status and have a fulfilling life.

The Peer Caseworker will be able to support you with applications around hardship grants or refer you to specialist support around welfare, social groups, HIV workshops and other support services where appropriate.

Please call 0207 713 0444 or email to book your appointment.


Sexual Health Clinics for People Living with HIV Expand

There are Clinics at Wycombe Hospital and Brookside Clinic in Aylesbury offering a sexual health monitoring service each week for regular health check ups and blood tests for people who are living with HIV.

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Need to speak to someone?

If you need further advice, or if this page hasn’t answered your questions then get in contact with your local bSHaW Sexual Health Clinic for a friendly chat.

Call 0300 303 2880 to book an appointment or return to the homepage for more information on all bSHaW services.