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Exploitation and Modern Slavery

The new UK Modern Slavery Act came into effect in 2015. Slavery was abolished nearly 200 years ago but still goes on today and is in most towns and cities across the UK. It’s very hidden, the UK is a trafficking hub

Modern slavery is like an umbrella term, like ‘fruit’, it encompasses many different aspects i.e trafficking, forced labour and exploitation. Human trafficking is the most common modern slavery crime. Forced labour is mainly seen around car washes, delivering charity bags, storerooms, restaurants, manufacturing, working with livestock, construction and nail bars.

What makes people vulnerable? Expand
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Crisis because of poverty
  • Homelessness
  • Learning disability
  • Isolation
  • Being in care
  • Limited spoken English
  • Mental health issues
  • Limited educational opportunities
What are the signs? Expand
  • Bruising
  • Lack of access to clean or change of clothing
  •  Malnutrition
Who do I contact? Expand
  • Hope for Justice – has been going since 2008, their aim is to:
    • Rescue (people from trafficking)
    • Restore – Give people 45 days in a safe house
    • Reform
  • The Salvation Army are the main organisation who take referrals for exploitation and modern slavery and can assist with providing 45 days in a safe house with legal advice, healthcare, counselling, repatriation assistance etc
  • Modern slavery victims : referral and assessment forms  – refer potential victims of modern slavery/human trafficking  to the national referral mechanism using the link above

It’s all about what doesn’t feel right – if it doesn’t feel right, call the Modern Slavery Helpline on 0800 0121 700

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Female Genital Mutilation Female Genital Mutilation

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