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Men who have sex with men

Some men who have sex with men are at higher risk of STIs. It is recommended that men who have sex with men have annual STI checks, or every three months if you have multiple partners.

There are 2 main clinics to get checked in Bucks: SHAW in Wycombe and Brookside in Aylesbury.

Call 0300 303 2880 for appointments and further support. You can also email

How to look after your health

We can help you to protect your sexual health with condoms, regular STI testing, vaccinations, PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV) and PEP (post exposure prophylaxis for HIV) where needed.

If you have symptoms which you think might be related to an STI, call us for an appointment straight away – we will see you within 48hours.

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Condoms offer protection against STIs and HIV

  • Free Condoms – Adults can access free condoms through any bSHaW Sexual Health Clinic during an appointment. For appointments call 0300 303 2880 We have a range of ways you can access free condoms from bSHaW
  • Condom Distribution Centres for Under 25’s – Free condoms, C-Card registration and confidential advice for under 25’s click here for list of  centres.
  • Condoms by Post – FREE postal condoms for under 25’s from sexual health professionals. Click here to access the service.
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You can make an appointment to get tested by calling 0300 303 2880 or you can book online or email

Postal Test Kits

If you have no symptoms and want a STI test you can order a postal test with us herePlease note you must be a Buckinghamshire resident to request postal testing kits.

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Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea testing

These tests are done with swabs from the throat and the bottom (which can be taken yourself) and urine tests. For men who have sex with men, and trans women with a penis, we normally recommend all three sites are tested.

HIV, syphilis and hepatitis A, B and C testing

These infections are tested with a blood test (or a rapid fingerprick blood test for HIV and Syphilis). Hepatitis testing is offered to those who need it following a risk assessment.

Other infections

  • Shigella

Shigella infection causes diarrhoea and is caught from contact with the faeces (poo) of an infected person. You can pick up the bacteria if you drink water or swallow food that is contaminated with faecal matter. This isn’t common in the UK and is often associated with overseas travel.

You can also pick up the bacteria if you get faecal matter in your mouth during sex – for instance, through rimming (licking) or fingering the anus. Around half of shigellosis cases seen in the UK are caught this way. Gay and bisexual men are particularly at risk.

Barrier methods, good hygiene and regular testing will protect you from this STI.

Read more about Shigella

Mpox (previously known as monkeypox) information and answers to frequently asked questions about this rare viral infection can be found here. additional information  including guidance for people living with HIV can be found here.

Mpox vaccinations

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Call 0300 303 2880 or  to discuss eligibility and to book an appointment

  • Hep A / Hep B

Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men can access free vaccination for protection against Hepatitis A and B infections in bSHAW Sexual Health Clinics. These types of hepatitis can be transmitted through sex.
Further information can be found by clicking on the links below:
Hepatitis A 
Hepatitis B 
Hepatitis C 

  • HPV Vaccine – The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine’s is available for men who have sex with men (MSM) up to and including 45 years of age. The vaccine will help prevent HPV infection, which can cause genital warts and certain types of cancer. Anyone under 25 years old can access it from the GP. The vaccine is also available from all bSHAW clinics for gay, bi and other men who have sex with men aged 45 and under. For more information, check out the HPV Vaccine Leaflet

PrEP is short for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. It’s a form of medicine which prevents HIV. It is taken by a HIV negative person before sex and exposure to HIV. It is most helpful for people who are at higher risk of getting HIV, which in the UK includes many men who have sex with men. Read more about PrEP and how to access PrEP

PEP, also known as ‘Post-exposure prophylaxis after sexual exposure’ (PEPSE) is medication to prevent contracting HIV after a recent risk of exposure to the virus. Higher risk unprotected sex with someone who is HIV positive and not on treatment (or not sure about this) or means anal sex without a condom, or anal sex with a condom which breaks or comes off during sex.
Read more about PEP and how to access PEP 

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  • Where can I get HIV Treatment and Care?

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust has 3 dedicated HIV clinics in Buckinghamshire for people living with HIV. Call 0300 303 2880 to make an appointment.

SHAW, High Wycombe – Monday and Thursday,

Brookside, Aylesbury – Tuesday

  • Referrals
    • Referrals including self-referral can be made by calling 0300 303 2880 select option 4 or email: This referral method is the same for all other health care providers i.e. GPs. All consultations which are booked will cover your general health, adherence concerns, side effects, switching medication as well as starting for the first time. A full sexual health screen will be offered at each consultation, for females we offer pre conception advice along with contraception.
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Spotting the Signs of CSE Spotting the Signs of CSE
bSHaW Services for Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) bSHaW Services for Men who have Sex with Men (MSM)

Need to speak to someone?

If you need further advice, or if this page hasn’t answered your questions then get in contact with your local bSHaW Sexual Health Clinic for a friendly chat.

Call 0300 303 2880 to book an appointment or use our service finder to locate your nearest clinic.

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